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OPUS Remote Telemetry Units


Admin Workstations

All Opus systems support both Local and Remote Admin workstation links. When activated, these links combined with the unlicensed AGWS6 Advanced Graphic Workstation software, provide an extremely useful and versatile connection to all RTU and other Opus systems.

The Admin workstation links provide a non-mimic time-limited connection to all RTU and Opus sites. Mimic and map page displays are not available when using the workstation in this mode, however, all other workstation facilities and displays are available. This includes graph plotting of archive and historic data, real-time trace analysis, all text based displays, all diagnostic displays such as port and process monitoring, utilities such as file access and transfer, database reconfiguration etc.

Both Local and Remote Admin workstation connections provide a totally secure link to an RTU site. These links assist the system administrator or engineer in performing general reconfiguration, system monitoring, maintenance and fault-diagnosis. The remote link can also be used to provide remote support for the system.

The Local Admin workstation connection can be activated with a simple mouse click via either a local interface (display, keyboard and mouse attached to the RTU) or via an engineer’s laptop computer acting as a Remote Desktop via a LAN or Wireless connection.

The Remote Admin workstation interface can be permanently enabled and provides secure remote access to the RTU (or other Opus systems) via a standard workstation link. The Admin workstation typically connects to an RTU via a broadband Internet link; however, all forms of asynchronous communications link are supported. The Remote Admin workstation link can also be used locally at the RTU either by connecting to the RTUs Ethernet LAN or by establishing a connection via a Wireless link.

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Local/remote admin workstation display

Advanced Graphic Workstations

All Opus systems, including RTUs, can be upgraded to support practically any size of database and any number of workstation users. The full-graphic workstation user options are available to provide support for integrated HMI displays, remote HMI displays, and local or remote operator workstations. These user options supplement the unlicensed Local and Remote Admin time-limited non-mimic interfaces that are provided free of charge and used for system administration, configuration and fault diagnosis.

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Full-graphic workstation mimic display  

Web Interface

The OpusIMS web Interface provides browser access to the system via a local or wide area intranet or the global Internet. This interface allows the system's current telemetry and archive data to be viewed using standard browser software running on mobile devices such as laptops, PDAs, Blackberries, mobile phones, or any office/home PC that has access to the corporate intranet or global Internet.

OpusIMS Web Interface

The web interface supports both large screen and small screen devices. Live data reports can be accessed and displayed on small screen devices such as Blackberries and mobile phones. Alternatively, the current exported SQL database data, which normally resides on the RTUs internal drives, can be queried and data displayed on larger screen devices, such as mobile laptops and PCs.

PDA and mobile device display. Click to enlarge.  
Mobile Device Web Interface

Management Report Generator

A Management Report Generator provides for on-demand or automated report generation in either TXT, CSV or HTML formats.

HTML Management Report
HTML Management Report

Alarm Pager

An Alarm Pager supports both personal pagers and mobile phone alarm messaging.

Alarm Dial out to Mobile Devices


Separate hot standby, file server, workstation server and SQL/Web server systems are also available.  

Since the Opus PC6-SQL and AGWS (Advanced Graphic Workstation) software was designed from the outset to support large distributed telemetry systems, all Opus systems, including the RTUs, are fully upgradeable and can be licensed and configured to support a practically unlimited number of stations, points and users in a wide variety of hardware configurations.

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