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Product Links
FSX Steam Edition The official FSX Steam Edition flight simulator site
Prepar3D  The official Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator site
TrackIR head tracking devices for gaming
CPFlight Boeing and Airbus addon control panels
SimForums the official Opus Flight1 support forum
Mutley's Hangar Forums, news and reviews
FlightSim General flight sim forums
A2A Simulations Forum
SimFlight General and international forums
AVSIM General flight sim forums
fsBreak Flight sim podcast
VATSIM NOTAMs, FAQs, pilot and controller talk. General forums
Pilote-Virtuel French forum
Weather Sites
XCWeather pictorial weather maps for Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA showing decoded METARs. Useful for spotting interesting weather to fly in.
badbadweather.com Using Badbadweather.com you can find bad weather conditions based on METAR reports. Search on wind conditions, gusts, vis, rain, temperatures, thunderstorms and snow.
Utilities and Addons
Flight Utilities METAR decoding into English, German, Italian and Portugese.
Flight planner and tracker using Google maps.
Flight Environment X A large selection of realistic themes for water, sky and clouds. The Naturally Dense cloud theme and Realistic Blues sky theme has been recommended by one of our users if you are after good looking all-rounders.
HDEv2 The package was meant for FS9. The cloud textures work fine in FSX but not the sky textures. For those, you'll need to download the ones upgraded by Danny Glover (here).
Developer Sites

FS Developer A site aimed at developers and those interested in the inner workings of Flight Simulator


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